9/11 doc that will forever sit heavy in the heart

Writes a Jeffrey Moon:


I have always been skeptical of authority, but always migrated around Libertarian lightish sentiment. Valued too your extra skeptical website and have been reading it since the early Ron Paul movement.

Still, I imagined that there was something redeemable in a well designed political system. I believed that there was a less evil outcome that could be massaged out of our election process.

I most certainly didn’t believe that at this point in life, passed the emotional roller coasters of youth, there would be evidence of destruction laid out so powerfully so compellingly, that I would be shaken to a state of crisis.

Strict trutherism and conspiracy culture encouraged me to think much of those tendencies were self destructive. That there were sprinkles of truth, but the whole was to be best avoided, yet…

The film is “9/11 The New Pearl Harbor” That date has been out of people’s minds for awhile now, and the documentary has  been out for already six years. I’ve never heard it mentioned before and thinking maybe there is a chance you haven’t either.

At a total of five hours long, you would think there would be moments of tedium, with drawn out repetitive monologues…but what happens instead is your world view get taken apart piece by piece.

By the end, the soul feels the pain of the currupt ignorant thinking that used to hold the identity together. The heart feels the pain of the victims more lucidly than the day it happened.

I apologize for the ridiculously long rant. Probably the last time I felt like this is when I discovered your website and all the crazy archives on it. If you have five hours to spare, you know what to do. Haha.

Anyway, appreciate you,