Mass migration

Writea Rick Rozoff:

Cardinal Müller says mass migration is being used to destroy national identities

“Mass immigration is not about helping people but about destroying national identity,” Müller said. “They say that national identity is nationalism, which has caused all the wars, so they say they are against nationalism, but they are really against the nation.”

“If nationalism is the reason for wars, we must ask who is financing the wars and what interests are behind it.”

“They want everyone to be completely isolated and not connected by language, culture, family ties, or a native land where you feel at home,” Müller continued.

“They want to destroy all that. They want everyone to be atomized, without cultural and religious roots and identity,” he concluded.


“And at the same time, anyone who criticizes this is called a Nazi by those who themselves promote the murderous Nazi ideology of ‘might makes right’… The genocide that is now being carried out is protected through propaganda by equating its critics with the people who committed the genocide in the past,” the cardinal added.

“The perversion of their logic is to portray the victims as the perpetrators. What is the depopulation program other than a plan of reducing people through violence?”