3 Tiers of Stupid

Writes KRR:

Why do people — often highly educated people — reject any and all information forwarded from credible military and insider blogs? 

I posit that there are 3 tiers of stupid. 

The 1st tier are themisinformed.They are the masked-up linear thinkers who trust bogus sources like Fauci and Biden. They know stuff, but most of it is disinformation put out by the Kharzarian Mafia who control all mass media.  

The 2nd tier are the un-informed. These are the folks who don’t know that the Federal Reserve is a privately-owned, bloodline cult in control of all central banks worldwide. 

The 3rd tier are what I call plain-ass stupid. Even though a surprisingly large number in this tier are well educated, they have an irrational need to signal their virtue by following the herd right off the edge. I suspect that MK Ultra is at the root of this CIA mind control program. 

Just for kicks, you might want to check off the following predictions that you think are bullshit. 

[  ] Free Q phones for un-riggable elections.

[  ] NESARA debt jubilee. No more income tax.   

[  ] Trump announces JFK Jr. as V.P.  

[  ] ATMs will go down in preparation for the QFS roll out. 

[  ] The www goes dark to be replaced by the new Quantum internet.

[  ] Look for a big increase in Social Security.  

Humanity must protect the children.  



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