175. A Rodeo Clown Is Running the American Economy

Robert Wenzel tells Lew Rockwell tales of the incestuous bankocracy.

Obama’s Mother worked for Tim Geithner’s Dad, who headed micro financing in Asia, when she started micro financing in Asia for the Ford Foundation. So Geithner will be at the Treasury as long as he wants to be. Hank Paulson, not a deep thinker, rarely noticed the money supply, but paid close attention to his own and his friends’ immediate bonuses. Bernanke made sure that the amount of fresh money printed was equal to expected Wall Street bonuses. Arrogant and ignorant, Bernanke says the best thing about his job is not having to go through airline security like the rest of us. These members of the power elites may default on all federal debt. Or, more likely, Bernanke will burn up the presses printing debased dollars while he fearlessly fulfills his hyperinflation mission.

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