151. How Not To Be Melted

Podcast with Charles Goyette

Libertarian hero Charles Goyette pegs Obama and company as clueless about economics. The only thing they know how to do is to print and spend more fiat money, and redistribute other people’s property. DC politicians across the board are displaying arrogance and ignorance, and sometimes malevolence, as they create a global currency crisis. Energy and food prices have gone up 19% in the past twelve months, the agencies that rate Wall Street bonds are government monopolies, and Treasury securities are junk bonds. What to do?

Goyette warns that some unfortunate history will be repeated. We might even face wage and price controls, capital controls, rationing, and bank holidays. And it can happen very fast. Consider holding physical silver and gold, along with cash, outside the banks. Charles judges the severity of the coming meltdown by the recklessness of the governing classes, and they are behaving now with wild abandon. One antidote: Charles Goyette’s libertarian and Austrian The Dollar Meltdown: Surviving The Impending Currency Crisis With Gold, Oil, and Other Unconventional Investments.

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