You’re Fired, Marxist Clowns!

The University of Florida has fired all of its “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (dei) bureaucrats.

So-called “DEI” is the latest in a long, long line of deceptive euphemisms for communism.  (See the new book, Mao’s America, by Xi Van Fleet).  After Marxian class conflict theory (capitalist vs. working class) failed to create communist revolutions in Europe and America, the international communist movement reinvented itself with a new class conflict theory.  You may recall that it began with pervasive denunciations of “dead white European males,” i.e., the people who created the ideas of Western civilization, constitutionalism, the rule of law, Austrian economics, the protection of property rights, economic freedom, etc.  That’s because the new theory of communism was that there was an “oppressor class” and an “oppressed class” in society, and only the oppressed class deserves freedom of speech in particular, and all other civil freedoms for that matter.  The oppressors are defined as all white, heterosexual males; everyone else is “oppressed” by them.  That’s why it’s called “identity politics” — everyone is identified as either an oppressor or the oppressed  In reality it’s just old fashioned communism with a different form of Marxian class conflict.  It is the result of sixty years of communist indoctrination in the colleges and universities, beginning with the “counter culture” of the 1960s, and then filtering down to all levels of schooling.  Hence it is wonderful to hear that the University of Florida has fired dozens, maybe hundreds, of these evil communist clowns.

The communist movement also decided that Christianity and the traditional family were major roadblocks to communism and therefore must be destroyed as well.  If the Lord is your savior, then Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Chuck Schumer cannot be.  We cannot have this.  Hence all the attacks on Christians, Christianity, churches, Catholic doctrine (the commie pope being the biggest perpetrator), etc. And then there is all the bizarre sex obsessions, worshipping of transvestites, transvestite reading hours in public schools, cancelling anyone who questions whether a man can become a woman and vice versa, a supreme court nominee refusing to answer the question, “what is a woman?, teaching elementary schoolers the ins and outs of all varieties of sexual behavior, and seemingly endless perverted nonsense.

Al of this is sometimes called “cultural Marxism” but it is all about destroying civilized culture that has evolved over the centuries.  As Ludwig von Mises wrote in Socialism, all socialists are first and foremost “destructionists” who want to destroy all of the institutions of society so that they can recreate it in their image.  That of course is exactly what Soviet and Chinese communism tried to do with its utopian idiocy of improving on God’s work by creating a brand new “socialist man.”  (Yes, they dared to use the word “man” and not a collection of stupid pronouns).  May a thousand DEI firings bloom this spring.


9:10 am on March 2, 2024