Your Taxes At Work 

Elected officials in a Michigan county gave themselves $65,000 in bonuses with federal relief money related to the coronavirus pandemic.

The money, described as “hazard pay,” included $25,000 for Jeremy Root, chairman of the Shiawassee County Board of Commissioners.

The mostly rural county, between Lansing and Flint, has a population of 68,000.

Commissioners — all Republicans — last week voted to award money to county employees. It ranged from $25,000 for administrators to $2,000 for cleaning staff. All workers got at least $1,000.

Commissioners are paid $10,000 a year for their part-time job, plus a stipend for meetings. 

As if that weren’t brazen enough, catch this quote from one of the bloodsuckers:

“I think that I earned it,” Commissioner Cindy Garber said. “I work really hard at this job. I was here in-person all through this crazy year.”

Whether it’s county, municipal, state or federal, American government at every level is hopelessly corrupt. We must eradicate each layer if we ever hope to live free. Thanks to James Nellis for this latest inducement to do exactly that.


10:39 am on July 23, 2021