WWIII: The Morons Clutch Their Chains Ever More Closely

What a strange war this is! Even when the enemy’s Supreme, Revered Leaders tell them their uniforms are no longer necessary outdoors, they cling to their masks. Imagine WWII’s vets returning home but refusing to divest themselves of their helmets or boots. Ah, well: said muzzles will clearly identify the Marxists and even provide targets when the Revolution comes. 

Meanwhile, never forget that masks and their “mandates” aren’t medical but political. And that we must defy this lunacy now lest far worse tyranny overwhelm us. Believe me, Our Rulers eagerly noticed and took immense encouragement from Americans’ craven surrender to the shamdemic last March. Masks are a very visible sign of that submission—one reason official sociopaths so prize them—, and no Patriot should ever be caught in one. 

And now to reports from LRC’s readers fighting the Mask War in various theaters:

David S. Knecht, Sr., observes,

Here in my Tampa suburb the masking rate has dropped well below the supermajority it used to be. We are down to a small minority of mask wearers in church. 

Praise God it’s a “small minority”—but how despicable. Where is your faith in God’s providence and protection, Christian?

So how do we label the day when we finally vanquish the masks? VM Day?

I’m taking suggestions since I’ll be busy praising God and popping the champagne!

Pfc. Knecht 

expect[s] one more year of virus absurdity, for a total of two full years. Why two years? Because that is the historic interval for popping economic bubbles. The deep state knows this. Two 20th Century examples: 1921-22, 1982-83.

Between now and next spring the mask absurdity shall taper off. It will be “required” by merchants but gradually ignored by customers. Then in spring of 2022 the unenforced “mandates” will be quietly abandoned. The 55 speed limit followed the same pattern. Natural law conquers man’s statutes.

Our grandchildren will roll their eyes at us. “Can you believe they actually fell for that virus hoax? No way!”

Mr. Anonymous in South Carolina relates that his

niece had a birthday party for their 2 year old.  

Everybody that was vaccinated got an invite.

My wife and I left out, of course.

I would not have gone any way because they all wore masks!

Here is the funny part: All but one who were there got a 12 hour inside-emptying bug of some sort [they were eliminating from both ends, rapidly emptying their insides of all contents] and they claim the baby brought the “Virus ” from daycare.

The insanity raged when Mr. A’s 

company gave a COVID appreciation meal, and we had to wear masks to get our hamburger and hot dog. 

I only wear one at work and only to the most minimum level.

No control at the food line or condiments, except masks.

I always adjust mine a lot just to “Break the Sterile Field”, which is a real thing in an operating room.  One nurse is allowed to drop things on the table by opening packages just so and the other nurses are allowed to pick them up. I got a lesson as I watched the doctors finish up my wife’s C- section. …

Anyway I touched the mask then the ladles and containers.

Nobody minds nor seems to understand the implications of transferring contaminates from the mask to the ketchup bottle!

We don’t call them “Masked Morons” because they’re deep thinkers—or even cogitating at all.

Same with using a pencil or pen, handling papers or books, or shaking hands if they will.

Some higher-ups take it seriously. Seems the higher up you go the more they toe the line. …

My manager is with us and we do not mask up unless an outsider is present.

Doesn’t that sound like something out of Mao’s China or the Soviet Union? “We didn’t dare take off our red neckerchiefs unless we were alone…”

I’ll have mine around my chin or worn for a few minutes for show if in or near locations where folks gather.

Having a full beard negates the effectiveness of a mask for any dust protection per OSHA so I started that when the covidicy began as a protest and to prove the masks are for show.

An ingenious tactic! All People Who Can Grow Facial Hair should follow suit! (See? I can speak fluent PC when I wish!)

One thing I like to do in the other factories, or if I had to pull it up to pass a group of the M&M’s (Masked & Moronic), is pull it down as I come to a camera, sneeze, cough, or drop my head and take a few deep breaths as I pass.

I’m one of the few who is 100% against all things COVID.  Most others have gotten the jab.

None of our group wear the mask if with our group, and those from other groups will generally  pull theirs off as we slowly do the same.

Behold the dissension and suspicion the Marxists with their “mask mandates” have sown. 

We agree we need a job so do what we have to.  Same with some worthless blanket safety rules that do not fit all situations.

Good! That’s one silver lining to the pandemic: it’s demonstrating government’s absurdities and dangers to many people who would otherwise never ponder such issues.

Outside contractors are more than glad to ditch the mask but keep it handy if another walks up.

There are the oddballs who will wear the mask 100% even outside when we are staying “sorta” 6 feet apart.

These few are in the “Health and Safety Group.”  The sane ones in this group are more than willing to ditch the charade if they can

An entourage of masked marvels came through yesterday accessing the conditions to bring the accountants back in.  Biggest worry is how to use the break room.

2 or 3 are coming in one day a week and I see that they do not wear a mask if only with their group.

I have not gotten sick in, must be over 5 to 10 years now.  Lots of time outside and around others not wearing masks.

Just got back from South Georgia where I directly spent time with 20 for 2 days in training classes and sleeping in the “Bunk House” and around 30 folks in a small room for church services.  Folks were from Florida to Greenville, SC so I probably had third level contact with near 125,000 people if it’s 50 X 50 X 50.  And to think I brought it all to work!

Hey, “from each according to his ability.” 

A Patriot in Louisiana mourns, 

A trip to Walmart in my town is always a drag, so I’ve been going to a more (relatively) upscale store twenty miles from here. This week I didn’t have the time for the twenty mile drive, so I went to the local store.  I needed some new jeans. The jeans display, usually piled ten deep along four shelves at least thirty feet long, was almost empty. That alone was worrisome. However, I looked down and saw one pair, exactly my size. Thinking I had really lucked out, I grabbed them and headed to the fitting room. Since the size printed on the label is mostly a “guideline,” I always try on two or three pairs before I commit to the purchase. No associate was in the vicinity (what a shock) so I looked around and found a Walmart employee several aisles over. She informed me that the fitting room was closed. What?! I tossed the jeans aside and went to “Customer Service.” The fitting room, the lady said,  was closed “because of the pandemic.”

The pandemic. Got it. Still, nobody at Walmart seemed to care that I wasn’t wearing a mask. That night I was impressed that more people were showing common sense and going maskless at Walmart.

The only place I go now where a mask is absolutely required is the bank. This week I went inside with several rolls of coins. When I went through the door my cheap disposable mask got stuck in my shirt pocket. The teller, in full voice, shouted, “Sir, do you have a mask?” To my own surprise I yelled back at an equal volume “I’m working on it!” I calmed down waiting in line on the carefully spaced “Stand Here” stickers on the floor. My transaction went without a problem. Next time, it’s the drive-through.

Masks still required at work. I grieve over the way the American people fell for this hoax hook, line, and sinker.

Yeah, they make the colonists at the Salem Witch Trials look like sophisticated skeptics.

Jonathan Nielsen says,

Here in rural central Utah, mask usage has dropped to about 20-30% at stores, although public school children are still cruelly and abusively forced to wear them by our child-hating, liberty-hating, and science-hating governor, Spencer Cox. Some stores still have signs up, claiming they’re required, but many took them down and their employees are maskless, and it’s almost like 2019 in those locations.

On Friday April 23rd I had reason to go to the Salt Lake City area 90 miles away, and was appalled at what I saw. Masks everywhere – in stores, out of stores, people walking along, people sitting on benches. I only saw one person without a mask anywhere, and it was a woman jogging. The mask compliance and obvious fear and the cult-like belief in the pseudo-science of masks in Salt Lake County was unbelievable. I wonder if they felt fear when they saw me without a mask. Nobody said anything to me, at least.

What a difference 90 miles makes.

And an urban setting. Remember that most humans are so weak they habitually go with the flow, reflexively imitating those around them, however immoral or dangerous the behavior. (The flip side of this depressing truth is that we can influence them to breathe freely again simply by showing our naked faces.) And crowded cities pile the Morons atop one another, engendering even more conformity.

Ginny in San Antonio

went to Denny’s for breakfast yesterday – no masks required, just a sign on the door asking you to please not enter if you’re coughing or sneezing.  A few customers and employees were still wearing masks (their choice) but outside of that, things seemed pretty normal. 

In Canada, Joe the Lone Ranger 

never wear[s] a mask, no way. All the people around me wear masks. I don’t speak to people if they wear a mask, even  if they are close neighbours in the building. Wearing one is an insult, humiliating, inhuman. It is like writing across the forehead, ‘’I am retarded.” Some people are forced  to put one on, to keep working;  I will not judge that. Otherwise, doing it voluntarily makes them a big part of the problem that may last forever. 

For those wise words, we’re promoting the Lone Ranger to Captain.

Capt. Ranger continues: 

I’m mad, shocked something like that can  happen in the 21 st century. We live in a worldwide ghetto now. Large numbers of doctors, scientists and common sense people have been silenced, disappeared. Disappearing  people will be next. That’s what regimes like that have done in the past and will do again, or are doing already. So much that makes life worth living  is gone, destroyed. Oh but one vacation is still possible ,a one way trip to the government’s Devil’s Island. 

…Driving through Vancouver yesterday it was a sickening experience seeing everyone, 2-year-olds to 99-year-olds, in masks, for no reason. In Canada the terrorizing is much worse now than  a few months ago, not just the masks, but travel restrictions within the province. No visiting even in the same town/city by friends or relatives allowed. Restaurants closed, churches and religion seem to be abolished  by the communists. From what I read and observe it is much worse in Canada than in  the U.S. The worst is yet to come; the injection  of a potential poison, then the health passports. New words would need to be invented to describe how a few monsters can turn a whole planet upside down.

TimmyTaes in California laments that his 

city continues to have its little sandwich boards on the town square demanding that people wear masks or pay a hundred dollar fine. No one eats inside. Everyone eats on the sidewalk or in the parklets of dining in old parking spaces on the street. Plenty of tourists still visit our little town in wine country. The bars are closed, but you can drink your wine in the parklets. You can get your hard booze to go.

Folks wear masks even though it is bright sunshine with UV radiation that kills all germs. I walk out our driveway to water the yard and see two people approach me on the sidewalk. They immediately raise their masks over their faces. Am I the leper or are they? So confusing.

Seeing the kids at the Catholic school across the street wearing masks every day breaks our hearts. Kids don’t even catch the virus let alone suffer from it. 

Perhaps because my wife and I caught the Covid early in Feb. 2020 and became immune even before the lockdowns and mask mandates, we are inured to the fear mongering and see it for what it is.

Now they are vaccinating children against Covid? More madness.

After a while, living in an insane asylum run by the inmates gets pretty depressing. We don’t go out. We avoid people as much as possible. We watch old movies in Technicolor. We garden and wash the cars, clean house, groom the cat.

People out there are mad. Mad. Even the homeless wear masks here in town. 

“I just got my vaccine!” A woman said on the town square as I walked by.  She said this in a tone of voice that reminded me of evangelicals being saved by Jesus in a tent revival.

Take your jabs. Put on your masks. Hide from the boogey man. 

Today I went down to the town square three blocks away to buy some Mother’s Day cards and other cards … The sidewalk was crowded with masked tourists with dogs and shopping bags.

…I went to go into the store. Had to put on a mask for that. …

Inside the store it was busy with patrons. I bought some magazines and some cards with my mask below my nose as usual so I could breathe. As I paid for my purchases, the fat, white 55-year-old owner … barked at me, “Your mask is slipping below your nose!”

Hmmm. Sounds as if this Karen needs a refresher in how to treat customers (hint: not as criminals) and a reminder that plenty of other entrepreneurs sell magazines and cards.

So I raised my mask and paid for my purchase. Then left. I doubt if I’ll be going back [there] anytime soon. 

I certainly hope not. 

I continued down [the street] to the old John & Zeke’s Bar. I’d read that the bar was open now, orange tier and all. So I wondered if I really could go into a bar and get a beer. Haven’t done that since March 15th, 2020.

The sign on the door said, “All patrons must wear a mask when ordering at the bar. Masks must be worn when going to the restrooms. Masks must be worn whenever you leave your seat.”

Well, to Hell with that!

This is why I shouldn’t go downtown on the weekends. It’s depressing.

Mr. T decided to carry the war directly to one of the enemy’s forts. Ergo, he wrote to a local grocery requiring shoppers to muzzle themselves:

RE: Masks  

Sonoma County is now in the orange tier. I checked the statistics on Covid at the Sonoma County website today. Cases are now down to less than 3 per 100,000 and deaths aren’t even listed on the SC website because there aren’t any new deaths.

The Covid Crisis is over.

Please end your mask mandate for coming into your store. The masks are a sign of submission. The masks are a sign of fear. The masks have absolutely nothing to do with safety from the Covid virus or any virus for that matter.

My wife and I spend at least $1,000 per month in your store. We love the friendly staff and great food and groceries …

Please take down your mask required sign on your front door. Masks should be optional.

The Covid Crisis is over.

When the recipient did not respond, Mr. T tried again:

Dear [Owner]–

You have not replied to my email about masks being required at your store. Perhaps this video by Tucker Carlson will convince you that masks are dangerous and unnecessary for humans. I’m not a fan of Tucker Carlson, but he gets this issue right. Even the infallible flip-flopping Dr. Fauci has now said that masks outside are not necessary and if you are vaccinated or have had the disease your risk of infection or spreading the disease is very low.

Why do you continue to follow these harmful mask edicts from Sonoma County Health Officer Dr. Sundari Mase who is not even elected?


Alas, flushing the enemy required a third email:

Dear [Owner]–

If you don’t lift your mask mandate, my wife and I will use Safeway delivery for our groceries. WE ARE DONE wearing masks.

That did the trick; persistence is almost as necessary as courage in this battle. The owner finally surfaced:

Dear [Mr. T]—

Thank you for your email and your support of our market. I will attempt to explain where we are with masks and why we still require them. We are obligated to work within the guidelines of the Sonoma County Department of Health.  So far, they have yet to lift the mandate. Many of our customers continue to shop with us because they feel safe within our store as we have always complied with what has been mandated. We have had visits from compliance departments as well and have made adjustments accordingly. We do appreciate your feelings on the matter, but we will continue to work within the guidelines and rules set before us as a business. When they let us know that we can allow shoppers indoors without a mask, we will do so immediately. We do not get to choose which health department policies we’d like to follow. 

Until then, our hands are tried on the issue.

Kind regards,


Our hero kindly countered this cowardice:

Guidelines are not laws. Guidelines are not mandates. Your last two sentences show me that you are reasonable and my wife and I appreciate that very much.

A friend in California, “where many of us are anxious to rid ourselves of our own Tyrant Newsome.  And whoever the new tyrant is he would be wise to take notice,” remarks,

Biden says “Because of the extraordinary progress we have made in the fight against Covid 19, the CDC made a big announcement today: If you are fully vaccinated – and you are outdoors and not in a large crowd – you no longer need to wear a mask.”

Well, I would like to let Biden know that this past weekend I was with a large group of friends at a party that was indoors at times, and outdoors at times; I am not vaccinated with the recent non-vaccine, nor will I ever be, and neither I nor anyone else at the party was wearing a covid mask, nor have I ever donned one, nor will I ever.  And we all hugged upon arriving and departing.

Mr Biden, I truly believe unless you repent from your tyranny that the lord will have a special place in hell for you and your deputies. 

God help me, I find that idea utterly comforting.

Mark Carroll 

came out of a deli the other day that is in a shopping mall. It has two entrances/exits. One in/out of the mall, and one in/out to the parking lot. After dinner, I exited to the parking lot. On the sidewalk, there was a bench with a lady sitting on it. I’m sure people had occasionally walked by her going in and out of the mall, but when I walked by she was completely alone.

She was wearing a mask, and I asked her why. She shrugged her shoulders and said, “habit.” I just kept walking hoping that my question would be enough for her to think about her stupidity.

Second, I was in a Fry’s grocery store about a week ago. They are part of the Kroger company here in Arizona. As I was shopping, some guy came up to me and just started talking. He was an older guy, probably in his sixties and about 6’ 2’’ or so and wearing a mask.

He said something to me about not wearing a mask. I wasn’t sure if he was being confrontational or not. I said I never wear one. I don’t remember what he said/asked next, but it was basically positive. I said I’m an American, not a sheep. He said, you know, more people need to hear that message and took off his mask. I saw him a few minutes later and he was still maskless.

Then a few minutes after that, in a different aisle, I came across a lady bent over getting something off a lower shelf. Her mask had sort of slipped off her face and was hanging from one ear.

As she stood up and struggled to put it back on, I said, “Just take it off.” She laughed and said, “Really?” Then she said, “Thank you, I think I will.” So in a couple of minutes in that store, two more people were maskless. I’m changing the world one person at a time. 😊

There’s much truth in Mark’s joke. And each of us, too, can alter this nightmare one sheepish or erring Moron at a time.

Third, I buy gas, get sodas, etc., at QT – QuikTrip. It’s the Disneyland of gas stations/convenience stores. They aren’t everywhere, so you may not be familiar with them.

Over the last year they have had the ‘masks required’ signs on their doors, but have never enforced them. Sometimes I would see customers without masks, but it was usually just me.

They recently changed their signs from required to suggested, and I do see more people without masks in their stores. I think the sign change coincided with AZ’s governor lifting the mandates for the state (which was always up to the county, city or town – AZ did not have a statewide mandate.)

But the good news is that some QTs (including the one I usually frequent), depending on zones of some sort, are allowing their employees to decide if they want to wear masks or not – the employees behind the counter, not the customers! To me that’s great news, and most of the employees have dropped the masks. 

Finally, “Jack the Trucker” writes, 

I checked out of my hotel this morning, and am back into my truck, home sweet home.  I wasn’t able to get a load back home today, but perhaps tomorrow.  Since I still have my rental [car], I’m going to drive to a theater for a movie.  Colorado is still in the grips of power-hungry politicians!  A city of 2 million, and there’re only 3 movie theaters open.  The other 30 or so are closed until their master says they can re-open.  I keep musing to mask-wearers here about why Biden says you have to keep wearing a mask even after you’ve been vaccinated?!

Incisive question, and one all of us can pose to the Branch Covidians.

Democrats won’t answer, or engage in conversation.

I’m not surprised. Blind faith, as opposed to the rationality the Bible upholds, cannot bear logic or challenge.

It’s so nice of them to self-identify as democrats for me. 

Yep! We can ignore or boycott them now, and I’ve already mentioned how useful masks will be during the Revolution.

…I read that researchers are confirming what we all knew all along:  people like me that already caught the China flu, have immunity much longer than those that get vaccinated.  And the lamestream media has everyone convinced that you won’t have immunity at all, or for only a couple of months after you catch the flu!  There are very few conservatives left in the big city here in Denver.  Everyone is still afraid of the flu.

I’ve been able to get away with just carrying my mask on my wrist here, without wearing it.  I think that even all these democrats are weary of the mask mandates.  I think some people actually enjoy seeing my ugly mug without a mask.  I think everyone is finding out that they miss seeing people’s faces in public.  I think that’s why some here in Denver don’t object to my not wearing a mask, and engaging them in conversation.

We’ll close with this admonition about spiritual warfare and our preparation for it from Scripture:

10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. 11 Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the [b]wiles of the devil. 12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of [c]the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. 13 Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

14 Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness, 15 and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace; 16 above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one. 17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God; 18 praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints…


12:43 pm on May 1, 2021