WW III: More Mail from the Front

“Someone”—likely Ethel Annakin-–“…said that ‘truth is the first casualty in war’…” And boy, did Truth ever die faster than during the Mask War? 

But patriots continue their valiant fight, however outnumbered. To wit:

Michael observes that 

Here in blue state NJ, masks are 100% universal in retail establishments since April. I cannot think of a single exception  – I have been shouted at for walking into one with my (3M Dust) mask below my nose.  Yet, social distancing is almost ignored (in contrast to Apr-June) and the one-way aisles nonsense, etc., totally ignored.

 Outside, much more relaxed, depending on how “progressive” a community is, 30-70% unmasked (you guessed it: mask wearing positively correlated with “progressive”)…

Indeed. As someone else once said, “War does not determine who is right. It only determines who is left.” And since they’re all wearing masks, we can easily discern the Left (any Rethuglicans, conservatives, libertarians or other combatants skulking about in the enemy’s uniform need to shuck it, now, before we mistake you for the enemy and open fire).

But I interrupted Michael:

a dwindling number of people driving a car alone are masked. Interesting racial patterns: African-Americans much more likely to be masked; East Asians nearly 100% but South Asian relatively rare.

They finally let the gyms open mid-Sept. but “masks mandatory” – during heavy exercise … insanity! …

Sometimes, I think it (mask wearing) is getting worse not better (as I naively assumed in about May  … “surely people won’t wear them in the heat of the summer?” I presumed incorrectly!) … summer is gone and I think I see even more people running  – alone! – while masked … it really is a horrifying PSYOP ! …

James Nellis in Gretchen Whitmer’s newly liberated fiefdom, a.k.a., Michigan,

went to my local Kroger this morning, walked in without a mask and spent about 15-20 minutes shopping. I estimate seeing approx. 75-80 people during my time there and I was the only one without a mask. 

Yo, Serfs: don’t be so craven! Didn’t you hear The Witch lost in court? Your grins should be splitting your faces! Show  your joy, for pity’s sake.

Another ally in Michigan complains that 

We have “masked morons” and “Karens” everywhere … 

despite the 

good news … that our Governor’s despotism was ruled invalid by the MI Supreme Court. Evidently the ruling was so clear that even our Stalinist MI AG (who is a Whimer clone) got the message that “der Furher Gretchen’s” so-called “orders” were no longer legal.

However, people are so brainwashed by the fear propaganda I think they will go on muzzling themselves forever or until the voice they trust … tells them to go back to something near normal (I don’t think [politicians] will cede back the power they gained over people voluntarily)…..

Case in point: I went on a trip last week and took a ferry boat across lake MI. Not only did people muzzle as the “Fuhrer ordered” to board the ship, [but] when given the chance to take off the muzzle, they kept it on! I saw young families with small kids walking on the ferry’s open-air deck in a 30 mph gale wind wearing muzzles! This defies common sense totally – no virus could possibly be inhaled in that, much less one that isn’t airborne-transmitted!

Even more disheartening,

…I got to SD, supposedly a “free state” with no muzzle orders by the Governor, and found that almost all knuckled under to self-muzzling as it was “recommended by the experts at the CDC.” I found no mandatory checks at stores as in MI, MN & WI but many signs, especially at the big box stores and chains, “recommending” mask wearing to “protect the employees.” I went to Lowe’s in SD thinking I would be free of the harassment I get in MI but NOOOOOOO! The sheep self-muzzle and the Lowe’s management repetitiously played a “public service” announcement literally every 5 mins, nastily trying to shame you to self-muzzle. Evidently, every big corp in America is actually owned by the socialist government regulators. I knew as much before, but my experience in SD confirmed it for sure. The only stores free of signs about masks (again they can’t blame the politicians for it like in MI) in SD were the small, locally owned business. From now on, even if it costs me more of my government fiat paper currency, I will patronize these small businesses if I can at all do so. They were the only ones holding the line against mask-moronism and hysteria over a cold virus that, even with falsified statistics, has a fatality rate of 0.13%…

Next door in Wisconsin, Tony hasn’t “worn a mask yet, but I have a Guy Fawkes mask handy if I feel the need.” He visited his

orthodontist on Tuesday.  My wife was worried I wouldn’t be let in but I have been finding that just walking right in without a mask works.  Not only did it go off without a hitch, but the doctor’s assistant and I got to talking while waiting for the doctor.  It turns out she knows an undertaker and is aware of how coronavirus cases are counted:  Car accident?  Covid!  Cancer?  Covid!  She agrees it’s political.

Ah! Her brain works!

Rick in Oregon has noticed that 

people in my little town are less and less apt to obey the mask mandate. But I went into Eugene last week, a city as liberal or more so than Portland, and it’s like going back to July when the fascist governor and the State OSHA decided to really crack down. Many stores have the mask “mandate” signs up, and patrons act as if Covid is bubonic plague or smallpox. 

At the local restaurant … , the waitress who told me that the mask-wearing wouldn’t last another six months was no longer wearing a mask. I gave her a big thumbs up and she let me know that some local had reported her to the health department and then bragged about it on facebook. The health department never showed but that customer is a former customer and won’t be welcome there again.

Snitches are lower than low—almost as despicable as politicians. And that’s saying something.

Tom Woodhouse shares 

Good news from Montana. I, personally, am seeing fewer and fewer people wearing masks here. I have received a number of huge smiles when another HUMAN BEING sees me WITHOUT a mask. In one store, not only were the customers maskLESS, so were the employees. We were all smiling and having a HOOT!

Please God, such defiance will spread!

In Texas, Bo owns

…a specialty store and yesterday we had 291 customers. (Yes, we count them.) 21 were wearing fear masks. Impressive.


I had to go to U-Haul to get some supplies and behold! They do not have a fear mask requirement. Only 6 feet socialist distancing.

Both examples are from Harris County (that’s Houston) which has a VERY strict rule on fear masks.

Then I went to a grocery store (Kroger) in another more liberty friendly county where I always shop, and they never ask me to wear a diaper either. I noticed that 20% of the customers did not wear the thing and 60-70% of the employees had their masks below their chin.

I think people are starting to revolt against this ignorant tyranny. Let’s hope for more of that.

And let’s foment it, too!

James Dunlap in Louisiana

Went shopping this morning. It appears that mask wearing is now optional for customers as well as employees at my local (huge national chain) grocery store.

Alas, unless cops were ticketing or arresting those with naked faces, it always was.

Doug Hand relates that 

this morning the City of Rochester[, New York] was kind enough to add to my mask collection via Security at the Public Market (this is the fourth time this has happened – my visage may eventually wind up on a wanted poster). It is an outdoor market and I was standing by myself when Security strolled over, said I needed a mask, and hooked one on my outstretched finger. I said thanks while I turned, walked away, and dropped the mask in my bag. I completed my non-masked shopping and headed home. 

Apparent Security motto: Just following orders. Sounds familiar. Where have I heard that before?

Careful there, Doug, or the Health Nazis will shriek that you’re calling them Nazis.

Sun Tzu opined, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” Which means Our Rulers are absolute masters of that unspeakable profession: they didn’t fire a single shot, didn’t do more than mutter a couple of obvious lies, and most Americans surrendered.

Utter, everlasting shame on both sets of traitors! 

Meanwhile, we who love liberty must never submit or retreat. Fight them in the stores, fight them on the sidewalks, fight them in the restaurants, fight them with facts, fight them in the churches until victory is ours!


6:37 pm on October 14, 2020