Work For Da Man??

From: P

To: Walter Block <[email protected]

Subject: Working for the government

Dear Prof. Block,

I’m sure you must have written about this: Is it morally defensible to

 work for government as an anarcho-capitalist and receive pay funded by taxes?

Asking for a friend 😉



On Fri, Mar 12, 2021, at 17:43, Walter Block wrote:

Dear P:

I think so. I’ve worked for several public universities, as did Murray Rothbard, Hans Hoppe, Joe Salerno, Tom DiLorenzo, and many other solid libertarians. Ron Paul worked for the govt too!

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From: P
To: Walter Block <[email protected]
Subject: Re: Working for the government

Dear Walter,

I’ve revisited our correspondance shown below, since I’m currently considering doing freelance work for my country’s Tax Authorities.

Now, I am full-blown ancap, and could use my moral stance as the justification for draining money from the state. But to be honest, I am mostly considering doing it because it is fairly easy money.

A fellow ancap’er and I discussed the problem of how much money I can justifiably take from the state in this capacity. His view is that I can only take as much as I’m owed, i.e., the amount taken from me by the state. But I remember one of the articles below arguing that there is no explicit limit when it comes to taking from an evil institution. I buy the argument that 1) I am not the one originally violating tax payers’ property rights, and 2) that tax victims have no positive right in getting anything from me.

His counterexample would be: Imagine thief A stole your gold watch and sold it to B. The gold watch is rightfully yours, and thus you have a claim against B (and A). He argues that otherwise everyone could knowingly buy stolen goods and then get away with saying it wasn’t they who stole it.

So my question in essence is: Can I freelance for the government and justify it morally?

I ask that you keep my details anonymous if you decide to publish my question online.



Dear P:

Your motive for doing so (“fairly easy money”) is irrelevant. The issue is, is doing so compatble with libertarianism.

First of all, only a libertarian would even think of raising such a question.

Second, my answer is a clear YES. I think that you should get as much “easy money” as you legally can.

But while you do, do give a thought to my favorite character in Atlass Shrugged, Ragnar Danneskjold.

Best regards,



3:38 am on April 18, 2023