Wombsteading Consistent with Contractual Principles

I recently presented a theory of an unborn baby’s rights (here and here). I used the term womb-homesteading at that time. That term can better be replaced by wombsteading. Wombsteading is a libertarian theory, relying on basic libertarian concepts.

Some years ago, Bionic Mosquito offered a neat and detailed theory of the unborn’s rights based upon general contractual principles. I believe that his contracting theory and wombsteading theory are basically consistent with one another, while taking different approaches. I had not read his work on this until now.

The consistency occurs in this statement I made: “I propose that the female’s property right in her body has been altered by her pregnancy.” Bionic’s statement is “I suggest that the unborn child does have rights to (and the mother has obligations to the unborn child regarding) the use of the womb…”

Thereafter we go in different directions. I propose that the mother has lost some control, whereas Bionic goes in the direction of causation and the female’s responsibility.


7:54 pm on June 7, 2019