Will CNN’s Jake Tapper and David Gergen Suggest that Jussie “Might Like Prison”?

That’what the two of them said about married man (to a woman) Roger Stone who, unlike Jussie, did not commit an actual crime.  Gergen called Stone a “dandy,” CNN code language for “gay.” Tapper said “he might like” going to prison, implying that he might be raped there.

I wonder if Anderson Cooper, along with Tapper and Gergen, also got a big belly laugh out of this “joke” about male-on-male rape.

These people are vile, ignorant, hate-filled sons of the devil.  Why on earth would anyone think anyone cares about what the bug-eyed, fossilized, mumbling old fool/D.C. establishment shill David Gergen thinks about anything, anyway?


7:40 pm on February 21, 2019