Why Military Action Against Syria Shouldn’t Even Be Considered

It is another libertarian simple solution to a problem that liberals, conservatives, progressives, moderates, Republicans, and Democrats make complex: No matter what the government of country x does to its citizens, the government of the United States should not intervene militarily or otherwise. That’s it. If every member of every group in Syria that opposed the Syrian government was as pure as the wind driven snow (which, of course, they are not) and the government of Syria raped, tortured, gassed, and killed every last person in Syria that did not work for the government, it would be a terrible thing, but still no cause for U.S. intervention. Neutrality and nonintervention is the only constitutional, sane, and yes, moral, foreign policy. If individual Americans or groups of Americans don’t like what is happening in Syria, they can go fight on their dime and shed their blood. If they aren’t willing to do so, then they shouldn’t expect Americans who believe in neutrality and nonintervention to do so either.


3:47 pm on August 31, 2013