Why Are So Many Jews Lefties? Is LRC Anti-Semitic?

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From: S

Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2020 10:28 AM

To: wblock@loyno.edu

Subject: Anti-Semitism in LRC

Dear Dr. Block,

I call your attention to two excerpts from a Paul Craig Roberts article published in LRC today.  This is only one of his articles and other authors’ articles published in LRC which are blatantly anti-Semitic.  I pointed out another author’s to you a few months ago.  His Jewishness was mentioned at least three times in this article.  What does Jeffrey Goldberg’s Jewishness have to do with his lies about Trump?  Do you think if Goldberg were Christian his religion would have been noted three times?

•        Nothing better illustrates President Trump’s vulnerability than the fact that his own Defense Secretary has not rejected the unsupported anonymous allegation made by a Jew in the Atlantic that President Trump bad-mouthed American war dead and refused to visit a cemetery in France where many are buried.  Even President Trump’s enemy, John Bolton, has refuted the Jew’s allegation.

•        The Atlantic is part of the CIA’s media assets.  The story was handed to the Jewish editor, Jeffrey Goldberg, and the two-bit puppet performed for his master.  The two-bit puppet went on to say that he expects “more confirmation and new pieces of information” to come out in the coming days and weeks that will coroborate that Trump called US war dead “losers and suckers.”

Doesn’t it bother you that such articles are published in LRC, especially since anti-Semitism is spreading in this country and worldwide?  These articles published in LRC are doing their not-so-subtle best to help promote it.



Dear S:

This sort of reminds me of a headline in a French Canadian newspaper over a century ago. It was something like this: “The Jew Einstein….” And then it went on to describe something he said.

Yes, it bothers me, but not very much. Jews are disproportionately lefties, socialists, Democrats. Well, “bother” might not be the most accurate word. “Startles” might be better, I’m not sure. Maybe because “Goldberg” is so quintessentially Jewish, sort of like “Cohen” or “Levy” that it is so obvious that he’s Jewish. But why shouldn’t critics of commies, union leaders, lefties, socialists, Democrats, etc., point out that Jews, unfortunately, are overrepresented in such groups.

Suppose someone wrote that Jamaal Jones, a black man, was a street criminal. Should this “bother” members of this community. Maybe, because they are ashamed about the disproportional over representation of members of their group in crime.

In like manner I am ashamed of my co religionists for being such fervent supporters of leftish causes. Milton Friedman once wrote (paraphrase) that Jews have benefitted more from capitalism than virtually any other group, and yet are probably the most bitter enemies of this system. Yet, we Ashkenazi have the highest IQ of any group. Why are we so stupid in this one area?

LRC just as it is, right now, is by far my favorite blog. I read it avidly every day. I regularly contribute to it.

As for LRC in particular, and the Mises Institute in general, being Anti-Semitic, this is just plain silly. Mises was himself Jewish, and the MI is named after him. If ever the Mises Institute changed its name, it would be called in my assessment, the Mises-Rothbard Institute, since it promotes the views of both these men. Murray, also Jewish, has been the inspiration of Lew Rockwell ever since the MI was established, and even way before, of course. I am Jewish. David Gordon is Jewish.. We are amongst the many scholars who regularly advise, take part in seminars (AERC, Mises University) for the MI. Just take a peek at the LRC columnists (https://www.lewrockwell.com/columnists). You’ll see another half dozen or so members of our tribe.

Do I agree with every last word ever written on LRC, or published by the MI? Of course not. I’m sure Lew doesn’t either. For example, he regularly publishes Patrick Buchanan, a protectionist, while Lew of course is a staunch free trader.

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Best regards,



3:25 am on December 6, 2020

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