WHO’s on Worst

Among the many evils of closing churches last March (and today) is Parson Goat’s elevation of “advice” from the CDC and WHO over Scripture. Because those two nests of criminals and freaks advocate anti-social distancing, the wearing of masks, and abandoning singing if we haven’t forsaken assembling, “Christians” willingly and flagrantly violate direct Biblical commands.

I emailed links to the CDC’s pages that gush over “transgenderism” and sodomy as if they are not only “normal” but laudable to a couple of Parsons Goat last year. I asked why they constantly cited such an anti-Biblical bureaucracy as their “authority” for slamming their doors. 

I await a response to this day.

Ditto on the WHO. Should any of you similarly query your Parson Goat on his enthusiasm for a global and completely corrupt bureaucracy promoting anti-Scriptural, utterly immoral behavior, here’s some telling ammunition.


11:41 am on January 25, 2021