Here’s this month’s most inspiring video! A fearless restaurateur in Pennsylvania has continued hosting her customers despite “lockdowns.” Such heroism has apparently upset the gubernatorial despot, Tom Wolf, and he’s now indulging in a “vendetta” against her.

Does she take his abuse lying down? NO!!!!

Watch and listen as she courageously castigates Wolf, denouncing him as a liar, murderer, and sociopath (my word; her description is far more colorful!). And if you don’t cheer as she confidently and calmly boasts that she has God on her side (the only bragging the Lord wants to hear from us), well, check for a pulse.

Thanks to Vinnie Terranova for sending me the link to this heroine’s thrilling stance against tyranny! And when next you find yourself in Penn’s Woods, hie yourself to Taste of Sicily in Palmyra. 

UPDATE: Bill Martin also forwarded an article on Taste of Sicily; the restaurant had refused to pay $10,000 in fines  for its defiance of COVIDidiotic regulations. Turns out that “Wolf’s and the Department of Health’s Orders couldn’t be punished under Pennsylvania criminal law…” Meanwhile, the victors advise other businesses in the same quandary, “When you get these fines from these agents do not pay them. Plead not guilty, and take them to court. As you can see we won because they had no legal right to fine us for those mandates and guidelines the governor and Levine implemented.

“You have to stick together and go to court.”


3:54 pm on October 20, 2020