Who Knew the TSA Even Had a Code of Conduct?

The TSA has fired one of its thugs in Chicago because he didn’t confine his hatred of Muslims to the job but instead posted gross insults against them on Facebook.

The agency employed Roy Egan for nine years. This public servant advocated the extermination of Muslims while asking, “Does anything at all make you smile more than a Muslim burning by his own hateful hand?” Yet he insists that he didn’t “refer to [my opinions] in my job”  Yeah, right. Somehow I’m not surprised he found his gig at the TSA so cozy he stayed for almost a decade.

When ABC News publicized Egan’s comments, the TSA fired him. It claimed he “was in violation of the TSA code of conduct which stipulates that its employees — on or off duty — behave in a manner that avoids causing the public to raise questions about their judgment and ability to enforce the mission of the agency…”

Talk about rolling on the floor laughing! Ha ha ha ha ha… Whew, I’m gonna break a rib here! Ha ha ha ha ha ha…


1:07 pm on November 18, 2011