Who Are The Power Elite?

Keith Preston dissects the American ruling class. This is an excellent introduction to power elite analysis. Here are some of the authors and books discussed by Preston.


Topics include:

  • The difference between power elite analysis and conspiracy theories.
  • Power elite analysis versus theories of democratic pluralism.
  • Classical elite theory as developed during the interwar period of the 1920s.
  • C. Wright Mills as the godfather of power elite theory.
  • James Burnham and the managerial revolution.
  • G. William Domhoff and the role of ideological institutions.
  • Robert Putnam and the role of technological elites.
  • Thomas Dye and the development of consensus among elites.
  • How the power elite uses demographic, cultural, and class conflict to protect its own position of dominance.

11:02 am on January 5, 2014