When “Diplomats” Aren’t Suborning Another Country’s Rulers, They’re Killing Its Citizens

US diplomat Joshua Walde” killed Haji Hassan Ali Lukindo, 43, when his car crashed into the minibus carrying Mr. Lukindo. The deceased leaves his wife of fourteen years, now expecting their fourth child.

“We have been left destitute since Haji was killed,” the widow says. “I have no means to support our three children, and have to depend entirely on a well wisher for rent, food, school fees and daily living expenses.”

And the diplomat? “‘He has left Kenya…he is a diplomat so had immunity and was free to go,’ a senior police officer said…”

Yet Our Rulers, who move heaven and earth to extradite Heroic Ed, won’t compel a manslaughtering sponge like Walde to make his victim’s family whole. (Thanks to David for the link to this tragic story.)


10:36 am on August 5, 2013