When Did All the Black People Secede from America?

I just read on FOX Sports that the NFL will play something called the “black national anthem” before all of the week 1 games, prior to playing the American national anthem.

I must be losing it.  How did I miss the news that all black people seceded from America, formed their own nation within the U.S., and composed their own national anthem?  I’ll have to Google it.

The NFL also says it will comply with the demands of Only Black Lives Matter and put the names of individuals who died at the hands of police on the back of uniforms.  Even though the government’s crime statistics show that more than twice as many white people died at the hands of the police last year than black people, I assume the names on the jersey’s will only be of black people.  And of course, as required by law, nothing will be mentioned of the thousands and thousands of mostly young black men murdered by other young black men in Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, New York, etc. etc. every year.  Those black lives don’t matter at all, apparently, because merely bringing the subject up will harm the Democrat Party that has controlled all of these city governments for half a century or more, and we just cannot tolerate that.

The NFL is now an appendage of the Democrat Party, just like Antifa and Only Black Lives Matter.


8:44 am on July 3, 2020