What’s Not To Like About This Report?

1) It proves cops are corrupt cowards rather than the fearless “Protectors and Servers” they claim to be:

They’re hell on wheels — and NYPD cops won’t touch them.

The department has ordered cops not to chase after large [motorcycle] biker groups … because of the risk that innocent bystanders or the riders will be killed, [said] law-enforcement sources…

Yeah, right. You mean, “…because of the risk that obese donut-grazers will be killed,” you anonymous spokesliar.

Meanwhile, a set of these bikers cops won’t confront beat up a driver Sunday in New York City — after the NYPD prevented them from driving the route they had chosen. This happens frequently in Marxist New York: Our Rulers suddenly close the streets our taxes pay for; perhaps Obummer or another horse’s patootie is visiting, or Nanny Mike Bloomberg has rented the area to some of his Hollywood cronies to shoot a film, or the UN plots to enslave us further while demanding “security” lest its minions languish in Manhattan’s notorious traffic like ordinary serfs. At any rate, this gang attacked a driver on their alternate route — a route they wouldn’t have taken but for the NYPD. And while they thrashed one man, I receive on average perhaps 5 articles per day from readers about the victims cops have savaged. Who’s the greater threat?

2) It proves that Our Rulers, even in the militarized police-state, have no power over us when we disobey them en masse.

“The people who are doing this aren’t stopping when police try to pull them over,” one source said, noting that the bikers can simply jump sidewalks and mow down pedestrians to flee cops.

I doubt that highly since all but the dumbest biker would realize he’d kill or paralyze himself along with those pedestrians.

The department also doesn’t have the manpower to police the rogue riders, who get together for pop-up outings and often use unregistered bikes.

Yeah, too busy chasing down those criminals quaffing 12-ounce Cokes. Thanks to Bill for the link and for his correct analysis when he wrote, “Too risky–[cops] prefer easier (innocent) prey.”


1:07 pm on October 3, 2013

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