What the Biden-Harris Ticket Brings to Mind

What does this ticket bring to mind? For starters…

Puppets. Obama-Clinton redux. Mediocrity. Hack politicians. Political flotsam and jetsam. Inability to govern. Power-hungry. Shifty. Lying. Cruelty. Conniving. Race card. Not statesmen and never will be. No genuine concern for Americans. No genuine understanding. Self-serving. Self-corruption and family corruption. Lacking in decency. Lacking proper core values. Hypocrisy. Cynicism. Two-faced candidates. Say and do anything to rise in power. Cynical use of slogans like health care justice, education justice, reproductive justice. Wealth-impairing programs and policies. Confusion domestically. Weak and confused foreign policies. William Henry Harrison or equivalent. Mental deterioration. President Harris.


12:05 pm on August 13, 2020