What Is My Goal In Writing, Publishing, Public Speaking, Interviewing?

A reader of mine criticized some publication of mine on the ground that it was not likely to persuade anyone.

Here was my response to him:

My prime motive is rarely to influence anyone, to persuade anyone, to converty anyone to either Austrian economics or libertarianism. If that occurs, I certainly welcome it; that’s great.

But my main goal is to, what?, tell it like it is? Kick butt? Make Murray Rothbard smile when he looks down at what I’ve done from his present perch on high? Obliterate falsity? Pulverize evil? Bear witness to the Truth with a capital T?  Get it off my chest? It’s hard for me to express exactly what I think I’m doing when I write or do interviews, public speaking, but its something along these lines.

Don’t get me wrong. Converting people to the One True Faith is important, and I delight in it. No one gets into Heaven who is not a libertarian. But this goal is secondary, as far as I’m concerned.



4:13 am on December 25, 2022