We’ve got 100 years but why wait?

Climatologists predict rising water will engulf DC! It’s a while away, they say, but as we search for solutions, in conjunction with the US collapsing currency and unpayable debt, certainly closing the whole place down now ought to be considered.  If not that, then why not start drastically reducing the already unbearable burden that this city is for the rest of the country, and the world.  Think of the wars we would prevent, the economies liberated, the improved educations for our children, innovations unleashed, and self-government restored everywhere by the simple elimination of that Evil Town.  By the way — as I sat in the living room reading Evil Town on my I-Pad, my husband was watching DVR’ed episodes of NBC’s Revolution.  I looked up from my book just as one protagonist was proposing that a train car load of “Patriot” mustard gas be driven into the heart of DC, to send a message.  The other fellow’s answer?  “You had me at mustard gas.”  It’s just a TV show, and only a book, and just one more study by government-funded scientists, but no one can say optimism doesn’t prevail in the Kwiatkowski household!


12:36 pm on May 16, 2014