Weapons Of Mass Delusion

Ai, here we go again! The United States government says it has proof that the Syrian government is preparing to use chemical weapons against people there. Oh, are they now? And you know this how? What, did they post it on Facebook? “Uh-huh-huh-huh…look! OMG! Mustard gas cocktail, LOL!” alongside a photo of the fighter-bomber crews. And their pets, of course.

Come on, man, how many times is the government going to use this “dog ate my weapons of mass destruction” excuse for a war? What, did Syria get these chemical weapons from Saddam Hussein’s garage sale in 2003? Maybe that’s why the U.S. never found any there? This is pathetic. It’s the same as the big fish tale that Iran was just a hop, skip, and 5 megatons of thermonuclear joy away from nuking Disneyland and destroying the American way of life of mom, apple pie, and pointless wars.

Here’s another civil war to get into. Like the Korean War. Like the Vietnam War. The government thinks because they won the American Civil War, they can win the civil wars of other countries, too. Yeah, well, our civil war cost 750,000 dead—we think. We actually don’t know how many died in ours. Think about that. We did that with single-shot muzzeloading rifles and cannon.


1:24 pm on June 27, 2017