Water: The New Gold Of Arizona

WATER LEVEL AT LAKE MEAD IS: 1,081.15 Feet MSL—147.85 feet below full pool of 1,229.00, as of today. When it hits 1075, it’s going to start getting critical. Okay, so, just sayin’ people in Phoenix, you guys will feel the pinch first. California gets their full allotment from the Colorado River no matter what. Why? Because our all-wise, all-knowing state politicians made that concession to California in order to get federal pork barrel cash for the Central Arizona Project aquaduct. The CAP can run dry and California will get their water—period.

Too late now. And we’re only in the beginning of June. So we can pretty much count on Lake Mead dropping more. Climate change or not, the Southwest is in a drought cycle that’s probably of the same lineage of the one that helped wipe out the civilizations of the Anasazi and Hohokam. Tucson has some groundwater reserves. But Phoenix, well….So, again, just sayin’. Better start getting ready. And don’t get too smug, California. That water you guys get is for agriculture. The cuts you guys will have to make will be on individual use.



1:12 pm on June 7, 2017