Water Crisis In West?

I got a number of emails regarding my blog posts about Lake Mead and the government aquaducts. Yes, the water level in Lake Mead is still dropping. The temperatures in Southern Arizona are in the 100s. The monsoon rains are still some time away. Be that as it may, what recharges Mead is runoff from winter snowpack. We had more snow this year but governments wanted to act like a little increase in water level at Mead was “success”. You know, like a few part-time jobs created means the economy is “recovering”.

Look, the truth is, the governments of California, Nevada, and Arizona will not tell you there’s a problem until the problem is way past problem. Governments wait until crisis manifests before they tell you that, gosh folks, there’s a minor problem. So, again, do your own due diligence and know that if you live in this region, you better understand we’re ALREADY in trouble because summer hasn’t even gotten started yet and Mead is at dang near crisis level. Alarm bells sound at 1075. It’s at 1081 now. You do the math. If you wait for the government to tell you when 1075 has been reached, you’ll find out the hard way.


12:55 pm on June 9, 2017