Walter Block: How to Obliterate Your Intellectual Opponent in a Debate

Dr. Boyd Blundell takes on Dr. Walter Block in a debate on minimum wage. In a nearly flawless performance by one of the most active debaters in the “liberty movement” Block picks apart his foe, attacking his arguments from several different angles. See this video to see how to properly defeat your intellectual opponents.

Blocks argues that:
Minimum wage cut off the rungs of the economic ladder. So, the rungs represents class of workers. The lower the rung the lower the market revenue production of that worker. Hence, the higher the rung the higher the market revenue productivity of the worker. The higher the minimum wage law is the more rungs will be cut off and thus the more people will lose their jobs due to not bringing in as much money as the wage their corresponding employers must pay them via the minimum wage law. Block states businessmen are not in it to lose money, they are in business to make money. The market revenue product is basically the revenue that the employee brings in to is employer.

Blundell states that:

-Libertarians are 94% White Non-Hispanics and that the male to female ratio is 2 to 1. This he says is because it suites them well at the expense of those who do not belong to this group.

-He compares Block to Christian fundamentalists because he does not apply the scientific method in economics to test hypothesis.

Watch the whole video here!
Dr. Walter Block vs. Dr. Boyd Blundell

By Luis Rivera III


1:36 pm on April 28, 2014

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