• Walter Block: End The Drug War = Decrease In Crime

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    By Luis Rivera III


    This is a discussion about the competing ideas of ending the current drug war and continuing the drug war. The show is “Our Story” and its Walter Block’s 2nd appearance. The Host W.C. Johnson introduces Dr. Walter Block in the following manner. First he says “Keep in mind what firewater, that’s alcohol did to the indigenous people of this continent.” He follows this up by intentionally introducing Walter Block as General George Armstrong Custer. He does this to compare Dr. Block to Custer, more specifically Block’s view of ending the current drug prohibition to Custer introducing Native Americans to alcohol. W.C. Johnson pulls up film from Block’s previous visit and is left in stupefaction when Block says that if blacks were paid less for the same job as whites (while producing the same amount of revenue as the whites) this would be good because it would end (some) racism. Block’s reasoning is that either businesses who refuse to hire blacks would go out of business or wages for blacks would increase. If more businesses would hire blacks natural integration would occur. This type of integration is cheaper and more effective than the government type of integration.

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    Walter Block’s 2nd Appearance on Our Story


    9:30 pm on July 3, 2014