Walter Block Defends His Libel Suit Against The New York Times

Here the great Walter Block talks about libertarian theory and how there are clear cut issues and continuum issues. He speaks about gun rights, statutory rape. Block says that both Spike Lee and Mike Tyson are guilty of aiding and abetting which as oppose to incitement are considered legitimate crimes in a libertarian society. Block entertains the hypothetical situation involving George Zimmerman and rubber bullets. Both Block and the host Michael Shanklin expose the truth about “diversity” in the media and academia. They say that diversity only refers to race and gender rather than ideological diversity. Are libel laws legitimate in libertarian law? Is Walter Block being hypocritical by attempting to sue The New York Times for libel? He answers this difficult question and more on The Voluntary Virtues!

by Luis Rivera III

Walter Block on Voluntary Virtues June 2nd 2014


10:14 pm on June 10, 2014