Walter Block and Stephan Molyneux debate on spanking (using violence against) children

I had a debate today with Stephan Molyneux concerning the libertarian analysis of whether or not the non aggression principle applies to children. I said no, he said yes. Here is the record of the debate:

Video: M


We also touched upon libertarian theory as it applies to whole host of other issues: for example, Milton Friedman’s attack on libertarianism in that it would preclude forcibly stopping suicides; the flagpole objection to libertarianism; the libertarian concentration camp guard and the (libertarian) Nuremberg trail held for him; can a Bill Gates take your child away from you on the ground that he could give your child a better life than you could; utilitarianism versus deontology; suppose A forces B to shoot C; and a few other issues of theoretical importance for an understanding of libertarianism.  This is not libertarianism 101.


10:32 pm on December 9, 2013

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