Walter Block: 50 years of converting people to libertarianism and more!

How successful has The Great Walter Block been converting his family to libertarianism? Find out as he tells his story. What is the “right” approach to take when spreading the message of liberty? Walter Block gives his answer. Does circumcision violate the non-aggression principle? The difference between Ayn Rand’s approach and Ron Paul’s? Is it bad to claim that blacks are generally better basketball players than those who belong to a different race? Is it bad to say that Asians tend to be better at solving quadratic formulas than most if not all other races? These questions and more are answered in this panel of four libertarians.

Walter Block On Voluntary Virtues April 21st 2014

By Luis Rivera III

Special Thanks to Jessie Lee Browning for suggesting this video.


2:54 pm on April 24, 2014