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Dear Gregg:

Thanks for this fascinating analysis of yours. I don’t agree or disagree with it. I’m not sure. I believe in the division of labor and specialization, and this data is a bit out of the realm I usually operate in. In other words, I’m too lazy to delve into this with the limited effort I can call upon. Sorry.

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From: Gregg Goodnight

Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2020 9:38 AM


Subject: Your WSJ Writeup, 11/28/20

Dear Professor Block,

I read your article in Saturday’s WSJ ‘Libertarians Spoil the Election’ and have a few thoughts for your consideration.

First a few facts; swing state votes for the Libertarian candidate for presidency were down 52% in 2020 versus 2016 despite the total vote count being up by 16.2%  (see attached file). The total margin of Biden over Trump in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Wisconsin (as of 11/23/20) was 125,689. This amount was about one-half of the total reduction in Libertarian votes in these four states (253,548). So on the surface, perhaps the Libertarians did spoil the election.

If the vote totals are accurate, what possible explanation could be given for this huge shift in voting preference? I have not heard a reasonable explanation.

Perhaps you have seen analyst Edward Solomon’s YouTube on his excellent analysis of the Smartmatic software used in Philadelphia (see link below)? This is very interesting and compelling for me. This YouTube explains the Smartmatic algorithm used to distribute (not count) votes in Philadelphia. While it takes about 30 minutes to understand the scheme, here is its essence:

1) Total were votes counted in real time and time tags assigned to voting totals

2) In the algorithm that was used, a certain number of votes were attributed to Trump, up to a maximum number

3) Then a ratio was then used to assign Biden votes from the total (such as 18:1 vs Trump)

4) The residual votes (Total minus Biden minus Trump) assigned to the Libertarian party

5) Every time the voting total was updated, the algorithm would transfer the voting ratio to other precincts so that the fact that the voting was rigged wasn’t so obvious.

In effect, the algorithm effectively assigned Libertarian votes to Biden, comprising a significant part, if not all of the margin of victory to him.

Do you agree?


Gregg Goodnight

Pearland, TX



6:09 am on April 13, 2021