Veterans Speak about the Military

I had many veterans write me today about my article, “No, I Have Never Been in the Military.” Since I have never been in the military, let’s hear what those who have been in have to say:

“Yes, I have been in the military. I went to Vietnam and killed innocent people who had not harmed me nor my country because I was a coward and did not stand against the government’s lies!”

“I have been in the military, and I can tell you that you’re on the money with that one in particular.” [the one about military values]

“Thank God you were not in the military. I was drafted and spent 16 months in Vietnam. I thought I was there to defend our freedoms but it was all lies and over 58,000 died in vain. I thank God for and read it every day.”

“Well, I have been in the military and I’m ashamed to say I am guilty of some of those items you listed in your recent column. Fortunately, I have avoided the more egregious of these things, thank God. And even more fortunately, I got better and got out. I don’t miss it and you really didn’t miss anything. I now actively discourage anyone from joining the military, especially the Army, with which I have first hand experience.”


4:30 pm on January 29, 2013