“Utopia Is Not One of the Options”

Jonathan Goodwin, our illustrious “Bionic Mosquito,” has once again performed admirably in taking down the spurious “pragmatic libertarian” arguments for a “Basic Income Guarantee” (BIG) proposal by a fellow traveler of the Cato Institute who is writing a revisionist history of the libertarian movement to conform to the dictates of the Kochtopus oligarchy.  By cool dispassionate logic Jonathan executed a rout on this self-proclaimed “Bleeding Heart Libertarian” who even had the effrontery of plagiarizing (as an empty cliché)  the brilliant strategic insight of 1984 Libertarian Party presidential candidate David Bergland which has guided all libertarian realists for three decades in adhering to the Non-Aggression Principle and the refusal to compromise that principle  – “Utopia Is Not One of the Options.” David wrote and elucidated upon this key concept in his wonderful volume, Libertarianism in One Lesson. (See page 16).  In 1984, I had the distinct honor and privilege of reading the manuscript copy of the first edition of this brilliantly executed work. In each subsequent edition, David has finely crafted and honed this masterwork into the most concise, understandable work of its kind. This brief book remains the best place to begin your exploration of the ideas of Libertarianism.

Lastly, one wonders how this Kochspeak chronicler will deal with such inconvenient truths put forth by the number one enemy of the Kochtopus, the founder of the modern libertarian movement, Murray Newton Rothbard, in The Anatomy of the State; Why Be Libertarian? and Do You Hate the State? Much as the Ministry of Truth dealt with challenges to its totalitarian orthodoxy in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four – Rothbard is a non-person and his ideas never existed.


1:30 am on August 7, 2014