Unofficial Leeches’ Thievery

While you work three jobs to pay off Our Rulers lest they cage you, recipients of food-stamps use your money to buy groceries in the Bronx, New York. Then they ship the loot to the Dominican Republic, where relatives sell it on the black market.

The thieves have no more shame than to gloat that their inventory costs them nothing. They also operate other scams within the welfare-racket: one sponge “has Bronx grocers ring up bogus $250 transactions with her EBT [Electronic Benefit Transfer–sic for ‘communist’] card. In exchange, the stores hand her $200 cash and pocket the rest. No goods are exchanged. Instead, [she] sends the money to Santiago — when she’s not spending it on liquor or other nonfood items. ‘We do it all the time, and a lot of people do this,’ [her sister] said. ‘It’s a way of laundering money, but it’s easier because it’s free.’”

What a country, huh? Thank you, Progressives, commies, and socialists!


11:53 am on July 30, 2013