Twitter? Indifference?

From: Teyo

To: [email protected]

Subject: Hoppe’s Response to Your Response & Walter Block Video Account

Hello Dr. Block,

I asked at AERC if you had made a response to Hoppe’s paper, Two Notes on Preference and Indifference, particularly the second section titled II. Further Notes on Preferences and Indifference: Rejoinder to Block, originally published in the QJAE 3, no. 4

The second thing I asked was if you had ever heard of the Twitter account “Water Block No Context”

The account isn’t trying to smear you, it’s more so meant to show various funny things you have said.



Dear Teyoman:

What’s the deal on twitter?

Here are my debates with Hans and on indifference:

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Indifference:: indifferent:: title: The economics of indifference

Debate between Walter Block and Hans-Hermann Hoppe on Nozick’s methodology and indifference::

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“Perhaps these divisions amongst scholars who might be expected to agree are due to the fact that we are all imperfect human beings. Perhaps some young scholar(s) will one day come along and definitively solve all of these disputes in such a way that all present parties to them will agree to the solution. Until that time, the most we can do, I think, is to do our best—to publish our ideas, imperfect as they are, in the hope that the process of public debate itself will shed some light on these vexing issues. Two heads are better than one, and all of the professionals who read this journal, plus the two of us (Hoppe and the two present authors), are better than just the three of us alone.”

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Best regards,



2:37 pm on March 21, 2023