Tucker on the Covington Catholic High School Students and the Cultural War Dividing America

We are in the midst of a savage Cultural War. The disgraceful Fake News narrative of the unfolding Covington Catholic High School students described above by Tucker Carlson is the latest salvo and dramatically outlines precisely why the majority of people hate and do not trust the mainstream media.

I have done so for almost fifty years, and my detailed study of history over these past five decades only further intensifies my genuine loathing and disgust.

The hypocritical virtue-signaling outrage from CNN and the other regime media presstitutes and pundits, the Twittering Hollywood hate brigades, and the legion of sanctimonious Social Justice Warriors (including those of #NeverTrump Conservative, Inc.) rushed to judgment to condemn this group of Kentucky teenagers who were almost compiled as if from central casting as portraying all the demonic and deplorable enemies of progressivism and all that is stereotypical anti-Trump – young, white, anti-abortion Catholics boys attending a Right to Life March, wearing red MAGA caps, who dared allegedly obstruct and demean a sacred native American elder.

The phony narrative surrounding the Native American activist Nathan Phillips is fast unraveling. Even the WaPo admitted he is not a Vietnam War veteran as put forth earlier by the media but a paid agitprop activist and actor who has been in similar confrontation episodes with students in the past.

Ask yourself: what if these persons were weaponized Antifa thugs dressed in black uniforms or militant feminists with pink pussy hats confronting a white Western Civilization professor on a college campus? How would the media and these assorted SJW groups spin that story? We all know the answer to that question.


12:58 am on January 23, 2019