Trying to Avoid All That Crime You’ve Been Reading About . . .

. . . when you move? and will be of no help.  They have removed all crime-by-neighborhood statistics from their Web sites because they say it would be “racist” to discover U.S. Department of Justice crime statistics showing, for example:

  • In the 75 largest counties, 60% of all murder and robbery defendants are black, although blacks are 15% of the population in those counties.
  • Blacks commit homicides at a rate that is eight times higher than with whites and Hispanics combined.
  • In Chicago 80% of shootings and homicides are committed by blacks, 2% by whites.
  • In New York City 75% of shootings are by blacks, 3 % by whites.

The above government crime statistics are from a presentation by Heather MacDonald. and claim that it would be racist to acknowledge such truths, let alone to publish them online because, as you know, being called a racist by the Bolshevik Left in the media is an infinitely worse crime than first-degree murder.


12:53 pm on December 16, 2021