Trump Outfoxes Leftists Once Again

The Philadelphia Eagles organization has apparently become a part of the Democratic Party and is apparently taking orders from communistic Tom Perez who is now the head of the Democrat National Committee.  Here’s the scoop on the cancellation of the White House visit by the winning superbowl team, from snippets of yesterday’s news:  As late as Friday the Philadelphia Eagles were telling Trump that some 70 players would show up.  Then they revised that number to two or three, including the mascot at the last minute.  They obviously assumed that it would be too late to cancel the event, especially since 1,000 Eagles fans had been invited, had traveled to D.C., rented hotel rooms, etc.  Therefore, they would greatly embarrass the president.

Trump smelled a rat, knew exactly what was going on, and dis-invited the team.  He held a little concert on the White House lawn for the fans instead, with all his usual flag waving and military deification.  Very funny political theater.

As a sports fan I wish these visits would all end.  Most people watch sports as, among other reasons, a means of escaping the politicization of everything that is a cancer on American society.  This started with Reagan and should end with Trump.  How nice it would be as well if every professional football game did not begin with a military spectacle with a flag the size of a football field, fighter jet flyovers, singing of anthems to the state, soldiers with guns marching in circles, etc.


7:56 am on June 6, 2018