Training the Serfs

Imagine all the grocery-stores in your area have decided to renovate at the same time, with each closing every check-out lane but one. How long would the lines be?

Naturally, the market’s built-in protections of competition and the desire for profits prevent such a cruel inconvenience.

But those safeguards go missing with government. And so we have the spectacle of three political “corporations” frustrating their “customers” with impunity. Amtrak, the nationalized railroad that “owns” the tracks over which New York City’s “MTA [Metropolitan Transit Authority] and New Jersey Transit” run their commuter trains each day, must “carry out major repairs on tracks and signals at Penn Station…”, “the largest train station in the country.” That means shutting down tracks and tunnels, causing horrific, daily inconvenience for millions of wage-slaves until at least “the beginning of September” (wanna bet the repairs and hassles last much, much longer?).

Mass transit flourishes in New York City for many reasons, including the area’s compact geography and density of population. But the “expansive network of railroads around the metropolitan area” owes its existence chiefly to its tireless boosters in elected and appointed office. They regularly steal your money to subsidize the MTA’s cattle-cars. After all, why should serfs enjoy the luxury of private vehicles? Cram them into dirty trains underground while Our Rulers’ limos glide along Manhattan’s streets.

Ah, but without the incentive of profits, bureaucrats don’t maintain infrastructure nearly as scrupulously as entrepreneurs do. And so, “Aging wires in tunnels between New York and New Jersey, signal and track problems in northern New Jersey, and damage from Superstorm Sandy … plague” the system. No wonder “multiple derailments this year caused serious disruptions…

Now, of course, a private business would never allow its infrastructure to deteriorate so badly—and if it did, it would deservedly go bankrupt. Nor would it alienate customers by so clumsily and stupidly arranging for repairs (ditto on bankruptcy). But we aren’t dealing with entrepreneurs. We’re dealing with the nightmare that is government—a nightmare most of its victims in the Progressive paradise of New York City defend to the death. So suck it up, comrades, as your god demonstrates once again its utter foolishness, incompetence, and corruption! And my deepest sympathies to any friends of freedom stuck in this boondoggle.


4:23 pm on July 10, 2017