Toxic Masculinity: not eating your vegetables

The delusions of the victimologists in the APA. Don’t pass up reading the entirety of this slop. The essence of this pop-culture rambling is that there needs to be more make-work for more psychologists to solve more of these made-up problems in the world that are caused by men and masculinity. One of the problems of masculinity that needs to be addressed, according to these new guidelines, is this: the more men conform to masculine norms, the more likely they are to engage risky behaviors … such as “avoiding vegetables.” That was right up there with smoking and drinking. Additionally, traditional masculinity is homophobic, transphobic, and every-other-thing-phobic.

The APA is so incredible committed to science (I’m kidding) that the President of the APA had this to say about the organization’s goals for 2019:

In addition, my presidential initiative for the year is to address deep poverty using all that psychology has to offer.

…What does psychology have to offer that can help us change that? We must use our science to demonstrate how eradicating poverty is good for public health. We must stop blaming people for being poor. You’ll hear more about the power of psychological science, as it will be a focal point of our work this year.



6:10 pm on January 7, 2019