Tournament of Tyrants

We all know that Our Rulers lust for complete control over us. But sometimes one of them prattles sentiments that punch us in the gut with their naked totalitarianism.

Or sometimes two of them do. 

In a story that David Mueller forwarded to me, the repellent 

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said Thursday it was “absolutely the government’s business” to know which Americans haven’t been vaccinated yet against the coronavirus.

And why? Because the sociopaths in office wasted our taxes locking us down and forcing those too timid to defy them to diaper their faces:

…Becerra told CNN the government has had to “spend trillions of dollars to try to keep Americans alive during this pandemic.”

“So it is absolutely the government’s business, it is taxpayers’ business, if we have to continue to spend money to try to keep people from contracting COVID and helping reopen the economy,” he said.

Prime tactic of the State here: blame the victims for politicians’ harmful decisions. Meanwhile, the Usurper will continue pouring our good money after bad by sending the Vazis to pester us in our homes.

Incredibly, Becerra waxed even more despotic:

Asked … if the administration was considering more aggressive measures to get more people vaccinated, Becerra hedged, saying he wanted people to have “as much freedom and choice as possible.”

“We want to give people the sense that they have the freedom to choose. But we hope they choose to live,” Becerra said. “We hope people make the right choices. We want them to have the right information, but we are America. We try to give people as much freedom and choice as possible…”

We are to have the sense that we’re free to choose rather than the actuality? Observe the veiled threat there, too, that we’d better make the “right choice.” And since when does this noxious politician or any of his cohorts “give us as much freedom and choice as possible,” let alone “try to”? You insufferable nincompoop, the good Lord endowed all of us with inalienable rights when He created us. You had squat to do with it.

Alas, running neck-and-neck with Becerra for the Tyrant Title in this week’s contest is 

former FBI General Counsel Andrew Weissmann – the top deputy in ex-Director Robert S. Mueller III’s special counsel investigation into whether Donald Trump colluded with the Kremlin in 2016.

This swamp rat

claimed … that Carlson is behaving in an “anti-American” manner and is undermining civilians’ trust in the national security state and federal institutions with his claims about the NSA[‘s spying on him–which, since the NSA spies on all electronic communications is fact and not theory]:

“What I’m concerned about here is not that there was incidental collection when I am calling a foreigner … if you try to reach out to Vladimir Putin, you can pretty much be sure that your going to be high risk of being intercepted – [but Carlson] could have said, look, there is a First Amendment issue here and I want to make sure that there are safeguards at the Department of Justice,” Weissmann said Friday.

Yeah, take your time recovering. I laughed until I was sick, too.

But he didn’t take that route. He … wanted to use this really for his own purposes and to sow distrust which is so anti-American instead of raising legitimate issues about safeguards in the system when you are dealing with journalists.”

So announcing that the NSA has been doing what it was established to do in direct violation of the US Constitution “sows distrust.” 

Yo, Weissguy: the distrust was already there, big-time. And anyway, “sowing” it against the dictatorial, criminal regime infesting our country is about as pro-American as it gets.


4:58 pm on July 12, 2021

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