Touchdown for Tyranny

A friend writes,

We can deduce a rough local Liberty/Freedom Meter from the allowed attendance at professional sports events.  Professional sports are generally wildly popular so it takes a special kind of tyranny to disallow fans at the local venues. The percentage of capacity of allowed fans in the city’s stadium gives us the liberty percentage(L), and then the disallowed percentage gives us the tyranny percentage(T).  Judging from the NFL and MLB games this weekend here are the results:

Arlington –         27 L, 73 T

Tampa Bay –      24 L, 76 T

Jacksonville –    21 L, 79 T

Miami          –    17 L, 83 T

Indianapolis –    20 L, 80 T

Nashville –         15 L, 85 T

Pittsburgh   –      8 L, 92 T

Charlotte   –        7 L, 93 T

And in a 6 way tie for last place at 100 % T are Minneapolis, Foxboro (MA), East Rutherford, Philadelphia, and of course Santa Clara, CA and San Diego, CA.

There will be 2 games today.  One in Arlington, TX where fans will be allowed at probably 27 %, and one in Buffalo, NY where unsurprisingly no fans will be allowed.

Interesting to note that Pittsburgh allowed a few, but in the same state Philadelphia barred all.  It may be that Pittsburgh and Charlotte at those low numbers only allow family and friends of the participants, but I am not able to confirm that.  If true that would be very generous of those local tyrants, wouldn’t it ?  And finally it generally appears – aside from Indianapolis – that the tyrants in the South are somewhat more lenient than those in the North, and that the Northeast, California, and Minneapolis are the ground zeroes of tyranny.

Hey, don’t forget DC!


2:27 pm on October 19, 2020

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