Tom DiLorenzo Blockbuster

Socialism is a vicious attack on the human race, as formulated by such diabolical figures as Karl Marx. Yet the vast graveyards of socialism, the impoverishment, degradation, starvation, and omnipotent tyranny of the last century, do not deter some young people from falling for Bernieism, Hillaryism, and other variants of evil

Thank goodness worried parents and all of us now have a vaccine that works: Tom DiLorenzo’s new book, The Problem With Socialism, As Ron Paul, Andrew Napolitano, Walter Williams, and Tom Woods all note in their endorsements, this is the book we all need It’s compelling, beautifully written, and just the right size.

The Problem With Socialism is right now #4,824 on Amazon–not terrible for the typical book to be published on July 18th, but outrageous for a work of this consequence. Preorder your copy now, and strike a blow for freedom and truth. Indeed, order several. It’s $11.60 in hardback, $9.99 in Kindle. Help move it, as a start, into the Amazon Top 100. If we all do our part, it will be #1.


12:37 pm on July 8, 2016

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