To Whom are People Kneeling?

Kneeling spreads like a virus, a steep curve followed by peaking and decline. Kneeling is a weak social virus because it depends for its spread on lack of belief in God. We have an immune system that resists this virus. Our immune system is our spiritual dependence on God, not anything human. 90% of Americans believe in God or a higher power. That is one reason why kneeling is not a strong virus.

The question is: To whom is one kneeling?

Kneeling before God is common and spiritually sensible. Kneeling before any human being is submission to that person. That only is sensible if the person is an emissary of God, a viceregent of God. Kneeling to an idea is symbolic, but why kneel to an idea? If it’s a divine idea, it’s like kneeling before God. If it’s not a divine idea, then it’s a strictly human idea, and why kneel before anything strictly human unless one is forced to?

Whites kneeling for the forgiveness of black people is kneeling before an idea, the idea that one is guilty of some transgression. Black people are not priests. They don’t provide absolution. If one feels guilty, look to God for forgiveness, not to other human beings.

We may be forced into kneeling by a superior force, such as by a foe who beats us in battle. The racial guilt-forgiveness dipole is not that kind of strong force. Most of us are immune to it.

Kneeling as a matter of protest is a weak virus. It will burn itself out and meet the resistance of God-fearing people who are immune to human crazes. Protest what? Racism? Police brutality? Racial inequality? Justice? Kneeling as a means of protest gets right back to the question: To whom are you kneeling? It’s not God.


9:12 am on June 9, 2020

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