Tibor Machan, RIP

Tibor Machan passed away yesterday, a few days after his 77th birthday. It is hard to believe that Tibor is no longer with us, as he was a man of indefatigable energy.  He was an ardent defender of libertarianism; and in a vast number of publications, he showed a rare ability to apply philosophical principles to contemporary issues. In Individuals and Their Rights and many other books and articles, he defended a version of ethical egoism that developed in his own way ideas from Aristotle and Ayn Rand. For him, philosophy was not an intellectual game, and he argued with great passion for free will and for objectivity in knowledge. He had an outsized personality, and no one who met him could forget him. If he disagreed with you, he was quick to let you know it; but if he was easily angered, he was quick to forgive. I expect to see many Tibor stories in the days and weeks ahead.


10:11 am on March 25, 2016