Thoughts on Ron Paul’s Great Victory in Iowa

Less than 200 votes separated Ron Paul from the media’s beloved Michelle Bachmann in today’s Straw Poll in Iowa. (Why do they love Bachmann? Because they know they can destroy her in a second when they decide she is no longer useful to detract attention from RP). Some may have felt dejection as they saw the late surge of Rep. Paul and suspected outright victory. I felt my heart sink as well when I saw the numbers — so close!!!! Then I started thinking a couple of thoughts:

1) Bachmann’s victory ensures that the media will not fall back to their damage control mode had RP won: the poll means nothing. So it does mean something.

2) And if it means something it means that RP has decimated the rest of the dismal lot who sneered at him at the debate the other night. Santorum “schooled” him? Well most Iowans disagree! The “Catholic” warmonger received a third the votes of Ron Paul.

3) Iowans are a more nuanced people than some have suggested in the past days. They are not a monolith neo-con bloc. Remember, they elected and re-elected the great gentleman (and fellow Republican) Jim Leach to represent them in Congress. He was a strong antiwar voice and one of Dr. Paul’s few allies on the House International Relations Committee.

4) Iowans very nearly gave victory in their straw poll to the 100 percent unpasteurized, unfiltered, hardcore Ron Paul! That should hearten all of us!
This is a great day for liberty! America is ready for President Paul!


5:30 pm on August 13, 2011