They Were All Out to Get Trump

Breitbart reports “Former Obama State Department official Jonathan Winer, in an attempt to come clean and shape the narrative before being exposed, confirmed that he passed on a dossier from Clinton operatives to the author of the infamous Trump dossier.”

Winer says that his involvement has noble roots going back to the 1990s, namely that in those years, “I became deeply concerned about Russian state operatives compromising and corrupting foreign political figures and businessmen from other countries. Their modus operandi was sexual entrapment and entrapment in too-good-to-be-true business deals.”

I do not believe that Winer has clean hands in the anti-Trump affair.

I do not believe that Winer or anyone else connected with the anti-Trump coup in 2016 and 2017 had noble motives of any kind. They were all out to get Trump, every last one of them. They were determined to use underhanded means. They wanted Clinton elected. Furthermore, after she lost and Trump won, they all shifted gears into a campaign to neutralize him and his presidency. I believe that they all were not seriously concerned with Russian meddling in U.S. elections. They knew that Russia had no detectable influence on the election processes or outcome. Players like John Brennan and James Clapper who made a big deal over Russian meddling were out to get Trump just as much as all the other players. They didn’t think he was anti-Russian enough, and they hated him for criticizing the intelligence agencies and viewing them as hacks. All the FBI figures involved knew exactly what wrongs they were doing and knew what their anti-Trump goal was. No one involved in this coup attempt against Trump is innocent. The swamp reaches to Obama and his Department of Justice appointees too.

The anti-Trump contingent who operated in 2016 and 2017 were all people of reasonable intelligence who had political know-how and contacts. They were not operating from pure concerns about what Russia was up to. The year 2016 was an election year. The stakes were high, and they wanted Clinton to win. They abominated Trump and still do.

When we now read of the involvement in the coup of Hillary’s bosom buddy, Sidney Blumenthal, we can be sure that she too was in on the coup.

The creator of the memos that went into the infamous dossier, Christopher Steele, knew that he couldn’t verify what he placed in the dossier. He knew that the material was questionable. He knew that he couldn’t trust his sources. He knew that he was hired to dig up dirt and provide it to his Democratic employers. He knew that they couldn’t verify it either, and that they didn’t care about its truth anyway, their purpose being to get Trump. There is no corroboration of what’s in the dossier, and it is known to have some mistaken statements.

This is my opinion. This is my belief. I have no evidence concerning motivations. That takes cross-examination and evaluation of testimony. There is much, however, that supports my opinion. What we have for sure is a pattern of behavior that cuts a wide swath across the people involved, and this pattern of activities is consistent with the anti-Trump objective. We have some communications and public statements made by some of the conspirators that evidences their dislike and hatred for Trump and a desire to stop him. We have the actual behavior of the FBI before the FISA court which involves deception. We also have the absence of evidence that links any member of the Trump campaign or Trump himself to plotting with the Kremlin to interfere with the American election. The whole idea is far-fetched to begin with. We have explanations of the behavior of people caught in the Mueller net, and they do not implicate either Trump or his campaign.

I think that a good lawyer will soon be able to write a 100-150 page brief on the anti-Trump conspiracy that will be devastating for all its participants. I believe that the Congressional investigating committees can stay at this a good while longer, eventually taking testimony from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The 4-page memo we’ve seen is a small sample of what a practiced lawyer can generate.

Finally, Trump shouldn’t talk with Mueller, and the Department of Justice should shut down his investigation.


10:42 am on February 10, 2018