They Just Don’t Get It

In response to my article “My Son Is a Marine,” I have not received such vicious and threatening e-mails since I began to criticize the Iraq War on LRC almost 15 years ago. All of them have a common theme: It is because of the Marines fighting wars, bleeding, and dying that I have the freedom to write the crap that I write. Actually, it isn’t. That is the point that they don’t get. Marines who fight unjust wars, bleed, and die do nothing for anyone’s freedom. They fight, bleed, and die in vain. Here is a question for Marine lovers: How does a Marine going to Vietnam and dying for a lie give me the freedom to write articles for LRC?

Thanks to all those who wrote me with more bumper sticker ideas, like: “My son kills for money.”

And by the way, Marine lovers, I am not a liberal. I am a libertarian. There is a difference. But thanks for reading LRC.


8:27 pm on December 11, 2018